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Building a foundation for well-being

You would think that by the time we are adults we would have learned how to take care of ourselves. But many of us don’t know how to handle our stressors. We may drink, smoke or eat fast food. We might not get enough sleep or exercise, or step away from the computer screen as often as we should. We don’t turn work off, even after we clock out.

We truly believe that companies can help their employees lead better lives, inside and outside work, by setting examples, providing opportunities and acting as a positive authority figure for healthier living.

“Corporate Wellness” has become a misconstrued buzzword. It is not about buying a certain program to fix all health issues. The key to true corporate well-being is building a foundation for wellness by creating the right culture.

At The Health Authority, we take pride in helping your company build a strong base on which you are able to build higher and more sustainable growth in well-being and productivity.



Khosro (Ed) Adib, MD

Co-Founder. Dr. Adib has 35 years of experience as a cardiothoracic surgeon and educator and 11 years of experience in stress and wellness consulting.

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William Vaughn, DC

Co-Founder. Owner of Performance Rehab and Chiropractic, Dr. Vaughn has been a provider of the Active Release Technique® musculoskeletal treatment and chiropractic services to the Madison area for 10 years. 

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James O’Brien, MBA, MS

Co-Founder. Owner of Ten 10 Solutions consulting firm, James has been helping corporations and startups navigate innovation initiatives and build sustainable processes for over a decade.  

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Simone Glinsberg, MD

Dr. Glinsberg is a board certified endocrinologist with a focus on diabetic education and research on health lifestyle changes for diabetics. 

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Andrea Boardman, RN

Andrea Boardman is a registered nurse specializing in acute care and outpatient settings for both cardiac and orthopedic specialties.  She is also a Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

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Advisory Board


Brian White, President, GE Waukesha Gas Engines

Brian White recently retired from his role as President at GE’s Waukesha gas engines, part of GE Power & Water’s Distributed Power, a leading provider of power equipment and services. 

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Gretchen Diem, PhD

Dr. Diem has 14 years of experience as a clinical health psychologist, with expertise in the field of mind-body medicine and mindfulness.

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Tami Graffin, RN

Tami Graffin is a registered nurse specializing in occupational health and case management.

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