Stress Diagnostic & Change-Resiliency Workshop

Vitality Pro™ – Diagnostic Survey

Corporate Vital Signs™ – Onsite Report

Making Change Successful – Workshop

Follow Up – Diagnostic Survey

On-Site Education

Musculoskeletal Treatment & Therapy

Mindfulness – Science of Being Present

Yoga – Demystifying the Practice

Stress – Physical & Mental Effects

Mindful Eating

Mindfulness for Smoking Cessation

Anxiety & Depression – Identification

Stress Resilience & Problem Solving

Training for Diabetics

Heart Healthy Nutrition

Healthy Eating is Not a Diet

On-Site Services

Musculoskeletal Treatment and Therapy

Mindfulness for Workplace 

Mindful Training for Smokers

Am I Hungry?– Mindful Eating

Dragonfly Yoga

Making Change Successful 

Anxiety & Depression

Nutrition Counseling

Stress and Change-Resilience

HR Consulting

Individual Stress Diagnostics and Online Workshops

Vitality Pro™ – Diagnostic Survey

Change Resilience – Online Workshop

Results Review – With Management

Executive Coaching

StressPro™ – Diagnostic Survey

Personal Coaching 

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